Want to get into franchising? Don’t know where to start? Discover the many global franchise business opportunities 24 hours a day 7 days a week at our Virtual Franchise Exhibition.

Our Why

  • We believe that the current marketing opportunities for franchise exhibitors provides financial challenges for many and potentially restricts the amount of visibility they get.
  • The costs, and more important time and climate impact, of attending events where franchisors exhibit are prohibitive for many, including potential prospects who are just exploring opportunities.

Our Objective

  • To create an online digital community where anyone can get easy access and information on every exhibitor in the franchise industry.
  • A space where there is no restrictive financial entry barrier to have a presence.
  • A space where all exhibitors have an equal status.
  • A space that is accessible 24/7 by anyone
  • A space that provides added value additional information, such as White Papers, Analysts Reports, Ted Talks and much more.

So, here’s what we have created…

A Virtual Franchise Exhibition open 24/7

Franchise Virtual Expo Franchise Virtual Expo Franchise Virtual Expo Franchise Virtual Expo

Become a member of our Virtual Franchise Exhibition

Virtual Space package includes:

  • Branded virtual space with website links, social media channels and geographic location
  • Image slideshow
  • Video playlist
  • Document section- Brochures, pdf, white papers etc
  • Seminar Room- 1 seminar per month
  • Blog Area-1 blog per month
  • Unlimited job posts on the jobs area
  • Events page
  • Unlimited testimonials on your space
  • Connecting feature to exhibitor via the enquiry page
  • Quarterly reports on the community platform
  • Unlimited changes to your space via your client profile portal
  • Cost: £495+ VAT for 12 months

For further information on how to get your space live on the Virtual Franchise Exhibition and to be part of the FranchiseShow247 community arrange a meeting please contact Katie.bateman@franchiseshow247.com.

Download full overview here

Franchise Virtual Expo



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